How Long Does The Debt Review Process Usually Take?

So you’re wondering how long the debt review process usually takes? Well I have some good news for you. It doesn’t take forever! In South Africa it normally only takes a few months – depending on your situation of course.

First off, when you apply to go through with the debt review process in South Africa, everything will get sorted out quickly. You’ll be assigned a consultant who will work closely with all involved parties to make sure that everyone is happy and that things are getting done ASAP. They can talk to creditors and negotiate payments for you – this way you won’t have to worry about anything too much.

After agreeing terms the debt review court order could come within two weeks if nothing delays it. Once it’s approved by both sides then there should be no more problems or issues from either side and after three months everything should be taken care of! So don’t wait around worrying ’cause it’s not gonna take years, just a couple of months tops.

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