What if a credit provider tries to make a new arrangement directly with a client?

Clients should never make any promises or arrangements with a credit provider without first discussing the matter with ezDebt. This tactic is often used by credit provider staff who are working under commission, or by debt collection firms working on behalf of the credit providers.

Why use a debt review solution

ezDebt can assure you that we offer excellent service. If you are under debt review with us we would have already negotiated with your creditors on an affordable repayment plan.

To date, ezDebt has helped more than thousands of clients and are currently achieving a 90+% success rate.

If a credit provider or debt collector contacts you, the best option would be to contact ezDebt straight away and we will advise you on the best debt solution for your needs.

Never make any arrangements with a credit provider without discussing it with us first, as this can have a negative impact on your entire repayment plan with the other credit providers.

Be warned by debt collectors

Unfortunately, certain debt collectors will use dishonest and illegal tactics in order to trick you into defaulting on your debt review payments in order to pay them instead.

Be aware as debt collectors may pretend that you are not under debt review or that they have terminated your debt review. They are by no means allowed to take this sort of action.

Therefore, if you are at all concerned or confused at any time whilst under debt review, it is vital that you contact ezDebt – we are one of the best debt review companies South Africa.

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