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Module 1: Design a production/operations layout for a new venture.

ryanrori January 7, 2021

Productivity  is  something  that  can  be  measured  from  the time  that  you  get  up  in  the  morning  to  the  time  that  you  go to  bed  at  night.   A  productive  person  has  a  positive  attitude,  sets  goals  and  achieves  them.  A productive person takes  the  shortest  route  to  work.  A productive person plans ahead and wastes no time.  A  productive  person  gets  the  job  done  and  doesn’t  work after hours.  A productive  person looks  forward to work every morning.  A productive person has never used the snooze button before.  So,  how  productive  will  you  be  today?