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1.19. Explain methods of automatically formatting a spreadsheet

ryanrori February 3, 2021

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Spreadsheets usually contain a lot of data. This can make it difficult, if not impossible for users to find the information they are looking for. Formatting a spreadsheet effectively can change that. A good choice of background colour, font style and font size, plus other formatting options can make the most important information on the spreadsheet stand out from the rest of the data. 

Cell Styles allows you to decorate your cells within your spreadsheet. Within Excel 2010 there are pre-made Cell Styles or you can create your own. You can customise format fonts, font sizes, numbers, cell borders, cell styles and cell shading.

To apply a Cell Style to a set of cells, highlight the cells which you wish to format and click on the Cell Styles function in the ‘Home’ tab:


This box will appear:


Now simply choose the cell style which you want.

Now click on ‘Format’ which is right underneath where you have named your style.

To editing an existing Cell Style click on the Cells Styles function in the ‘Home’ tab and right hand click on the Cell Style you wish you to change.

A list of options including Modify, Duplicate and Delete will appear, select the one of your choice:


The Modify option will allow you to modify the existing Style Name.

Deleting a Cell Style from Selected Data

A Cell Style for selected cell or a range can be deleted without affecting the Cell Style of any other cells

Simply highlight the range of cells you wish to delete and click the Cell Styles function in the ‘Home’ tab and select the ‘Normal’ tab:


Your cells will go from this:

To this:

Cell Styles in Microsoft Excel 2010 will give your spreadsheet a very professional look. A professional looking spreadsheet gives the receiver of the document the assurance that you have made sure that what has been created was done with the utmost care; assurance translates into confidence. An impression that your spreadsheet look has created increase the confidence that all data contained is reliable, truthful and precise.