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1.16. Represent problems in mathematical terms

ryanrori January 25, 2021

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In this section you are required to represent problems in mathematical terms and ensure that your representations of the problems are consistent with and appropriate to the problem context. 

Rough sketches are often used to interpret, represent and describe various situations.  The following is an example of a rough sketch of how an accident took place (see the letter below the sketch):

Description: Dangerous Road
Letter Writer: Miriam Nkosi – driver of an Audi A4Dear ‘Admin Clerk’ for SOS InsuranceI refer to our telephone conversation of yesterday.  Below I have provided a full description of the events that transpired on the 12th November, when a reckless taxi driver caused me to crash into the rear end of his taxi.I have been a driver on South African roads for over five years and in all that time have never been exposed to the rudeness I experienced yesterday from Mr Tshabalala.  What happened to respect and tolerance for others?Yesterday afternoon I was on my way to fetch my children, Sipho and Daniel, from school.  I was running late and school was already finished and many children had started to walk home.  Children exit the school gate in Marsh Street and walk left on the pavement towards Swamp Street.  Some children usually cross Swamp Street and take a short cut home through Johnston’s Park, while others turn right and continue walking down Swamp Street.  Please refer to the attached map.Just before the accident, I was travelling north down Swamp Street at a respectable speed, preparing to turn right into Marsh Street.  There was heavy oncoming traffic and a number of small children were trying to cross the street.I waited until I saw a gap to turn right, and at that time I saw Mr Tshabalala, the taxi driver, coming speeding down Marsh Street.  He suddenly stopped his Combi across the intersection to drop off a passenger and it was then that I hit the rear end of the taxi, damaging both vehicles.  The taxi driver was driving too fast and without much concern for other road users.As a result of the accident, both myself and my children have experienced a rather large amount of stress and anxiety.  Consequently, I wish to ensure that this matter is resolved as quickly as possible.  Should you require any further details, please do not hesitate to contact me.Yours sincerelyMIRRIAM NKOSI