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4.4 The fact that effective communication structures and media are utilised to communicate the disciplinary policy and procedures to all relevant stakeholders is demonstrated.

ryanrori January 12, 2021

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How should we introduce policies?

Assess/audit what is already exists, both formally and informally.

Research and benchmark against other businesses’ practice, particularly in the same sector or location.

Consult with employees and unions.

Establish working groups to develop policy.

Set realistic timescales.

Pilot draft policies.

Communicate policies to employees, e.g. through briefings and/or workshops for staff and managers.

Give specific guidance to managers

Introduce the policies as part of the induction process.

Have a continuous review process.

The culture of the business and the complexity of the policies will influence how a policy is introduced. For example, when it comes to communication, hard copies could be given to employees or put on notice boards, or ‘soft‘ copies circulated by email or placed on an intranet. The communication process should be tailored to the business.