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2.1 The ability to take responsibility to organize and participate in the recruitment process is demonstrated.

ryanrori January 12, 2021

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Recruitment involves all the activities carried out in searching for potential employees and suitable people to apply for available positions.  You first have to look at the job description and job specification of the post you

wish to fill.   Seeing that you will most likely appoint new people if not making use of family and friends, you will advertise.

Advertisements can be done by means of the following sources:

.   Training institutions such as schools and technical colleges

.   Recruitment agencies who will recruit on behalf of the business

.   Professional bodies such as the South African Institute of Financial  Bodies

.   Advertisements in newspapers, television and magazines

.   Applicants at recruitment agencies

When you compile and advertisement you make use of the following information:

.   Job title

.   Salary

.   Important features of the work

.   Requirements of candidate

.   Fringe benefits

.   Application procedures

.   Person in charge of applications

.   Brief description of the business

An example of a job advertisement in the newspaper: