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4.1. Tender documents are completed accurately

ryanrori January 7, 2021

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One of the conditions spelt out clearly in the “special conditions of tendering” is that it is the responsibility of the tenderer to ensure that all the documents are included in the package.  Should documents be missing, please ask the issuer.

Before submitting tender documents see to the following:

  • Your tender is a professionally presented document.  It gives the impression that you are professional, reliable and efficient.
  • Ensure documents are in the correct format.
  • Allow sufficient time to complete the documents and submit on time.
  • Remember that no fax/telex/electronic mail tender submissions will be allowed.
  • Ensure that the place where the tenders must be submitted is known well in advance.

Checks and balances are carried out on the costing and input into the documents. 

As in all areas of your business, attention to detail is the key to success.  Tendering carries a particularly heavy paper component, involving official forms and many other documents, depending of the nature of the tender.

Try to stick to the order and format adopted on the tender specification form.  This will make your tender document easier to read than if you attach reams of information, which the adjudicator will struggle to find.

  • All costs must be taken into account.
  • All prices must be VAT inclusive.
  • The tender price must include a profit.
  • It is important that tender prices are calculated properly as any changes to the Tender price after the closing date, will result in the Tender being disqualified or the Tender incurring losses.
  • Fill in and sign all forms in ink.
  • Ensure that you address the documents correctly as stipulated in the tender documents.
  • Supply the correct address for correspondence.
  • State clearly, where requested, that you are authorised to offer the tender, and give proof of such authority.
  • Seal the package/envelope and ensure that you clearly mark the tender number and the closing date and time on the outside.

          (Webber, 2002,  pp 1-9)

Dates and times of submitting tenders are adhered to.

It is important to have a clear understanding of the following concerning dates and times.

Closing time: Means the date and the hour specified in the tender documents for the receipt of tenders.

Timeliness: With respect to supplies, timeliness means delivering the requisitioned supplies to the end user in the quantity and at the time necessary for the end user’s purposes. With respect to services, timeliness means performance at the time necessary for the end user’s purposes.

It is very important to adhere to dates and times, if it they are not adhered to it will lead to disqualification of the tender.

Example of  dates and times specified in a tender document: factors regarding dates and times are underlined.