Lesson 1, Topic 1
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1.3 Information on the resources needed and procedures to be followed to achieve the plan is compiled.

ryanrori January 7, 2021

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Contents of the business plan.

Description of the enterprise

  • Primary activities
    • History of the enterprise
    • The enterprise’s position in the market
    • Market analysis
    • Competition
    • Manufacturing plan
    • Staff

The goal and strategy of the enterprise

  • Mission. objectives and goals
    • Strategy for achieving goals and opportunities

Management summary

A short and concise presentation of your business plan.

Aspects that should be addressed in the business plan

  • The business plan must be clearly presented. If it is not clearly presented, it can indicate that the necessary management skills are lacking. The business plan must contain a management summary and a list of contents, after which all elements of the business plan must be dealt with systematically. It must not be a theoretical document without action plans.
  • Conciseness is a prerequisite for a business plan. It must contain enough information without becoming verbose. Keep it simple and come straight to the point. Detailed information can be attached as supplements.
    • The business plan must be a user friendly document. It must be easy to read and the pages bound together in some way. There must be no loose sheets of paper. However, it must not be unnecessarily decorative. A neat, businesslike document is what is needed.
    • Number the paragraphs.
    • The first paragraph of the business plan must be a management summary. Its purpose is to focus the attention of the interested persons on the business idea. The rest of the business plan is used to illustrate the information in the first paragraph. The first paragraph must contain the following:
  • the mission of the enterprise
  • who the management of the enterprise is or will be
  • who the target market is and how large the potential market is, what the expected market share is and how the target market will be reached
  • what product or service will be provided
  • Funds that will be needed (exact amounts), how the money will be applied and how it will be repaid. Also mention how much money the owner has invested in the enterprise (what the owner’s interest is).
    • The position of the enterprise within the market must be clearly indicated. The size of the market must be conveyed, and how it has been calculated. You must indicate how you set about determining the size.
    • The business plan must indicate clearly what the mission of your enterprise is and that you know exactly what needs your product will satisfy.
    • Indicate your expected sales and how you have calculated them. Also give your cost of sales per unit
    • You must discuss your competitors and your relationship with your competitors very thoroughly.
    • Also discuss the weaknesses (risk) openly and indicate how you will manage them.

There are therefore three requirements that a business plan must meet:

  • the proof that there is really a demand for the product or service
    • that the management team is experienced and balanced in its composition
    • that the business plan shows a profitable enterprise for all parties and the risk involved not too great.