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4.1. Tactics that can be used to delay a negotiation are described with examples.

ryanrori January 7, 2021

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10 Basic Negotiation Tactics

Say the word “tactics” when you’re talking about negotiating, and people automatically assume you’re giving them advice on how to trick someone into making a mistake at the bargaining table. Herb Cohen, author of You Can Negotiate Anything says, “To achieve a collaborative result in a competitive environment, you have to play the game.” In other words, using so-called “negotiating tactics” doesn’t automatically mean you are trying to manipulate or trick others. Most of us enter negotiations knowing that the other side is going to use certain maneuvers to tip the scales in their favor. Prospective employers will offer you less than they are willing to pay to give themselves negotiating room. A buyer will act shocked at a seller’s stated price, no matter how reasonable it is, to pressure that person into lowering it. We all do it, but this doesn’t mean that we’re crooks, unwilling to negotiate fair terms. You can use tactics, and still maintain your negotiations on an honest and mature level. Tactics, as Herb Cohen says, are just a part of the game. Now, I have to admit there are some tactics that I avoid using. I think they’re sleazy and designed to rip people off. But you’d better be able to recognize them, if for no other reason than to prevent people from using them against you.

 10 Common Negotiating Tactics

I probably don’t have to tell you that I don’t advocate the use of tactics to take advantage of the people with whom you’re negotiating. I believe that most tactics, if used judiciously, are simply tools that can expedite the negotiating process.

Tactics serve several purposes. They help you get down to the real issues being debated at the negotiating table. They can break down stalemates. And they can help you spot and protect yourself from unscrupulous negotiators.

Take a look at the 10 common negotiating tactics and ways you can use–and deflect–them to get what you want at the negotiating table.