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5.1. Role And Function Of The Supervisor / Team Leader

ryanrori December 31, 2020

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Teams consist of small groups of people who work together to achieve the goals and objectives of the team

The most distinguishing characteristic of a team is that its members have, as their highest priority, the accomplishment of team goals.

To them, the most important business at hand is the success of the team in reaching the goal that its members, collectively and with one voice, have set.  The members support one another, collaborate freely, and communicate openly and clearly with one another.

Team interactions become everything.  They are the reasons people stick it out, give their all and overcome enormous obstacles.

While it is possible to work alone, progress is based on the human ability to work together.  The team will achieve more than individuals working on their own.

Importantly the success of the team would depend not only on the individual skills of the team members but also on the way those individuals support and work with each other.

Teams are therefore

  • United around a common purpose and goal
  • Depend on each other to achieve this purpose and/or goal
  • Structured to work together in synergy
  • Empowered to implement decisions
  • Jointly responsible for the outcome of the task

Teamwork consists of individuals working together to accomplish more than they could alone, but more than that, it can be exciting, satisfying and enjoyable.

Team Working is the ability of a group of individuals to form into a cohesive unit to achieve a common goal.

Teams have significant advantages over disorganized individuals in many work situations:

  • Distribute workload evenly and co-ordinate effort (as long as everyone on the team contributes fully)
  • Shared responsibility for problem-solving, testing ideas and decision-making
  • Better motivation and support (through building rapport between colleagues)

Building a successful team takes effort. To be successful, a team needs to be united in the pursuit of a goal, with an agreed process to achieve the goal. In addition to focusing on the goal and meeting deadlines, the needs of team members must be addressed.

When working on a team, it is important to remember to treat colleagues as you would your customers. You can use customer service skills (attitude, active listening, assertiveness, negotiation, creative thinking, questioning, and so on) to manage your relationships within the team.