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6. 1. Reflect on how characteristics of the workplace and occupational context affect learning.

ryanrori December 29, 2020

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Sector and organisation type is identified. 

Government is one of the largest employers in South Africa. As government employees are paid by money raised from taxes they are known as public servants.


Parastatals can be defined as state owned companies The best known examples areTransnet of which SAA is a subsidiary, and Eskom. Telkom was a parastatal until 2003 when it was privatised, i.e. shares were issued and sold to the general public. In the agricultural sphere South Africa used to have a system of agricultural boards which stabilised prices for farmers. However this system was seen to be inefficient and farmers are now required to sell their produce at free market (“world”) prices

Heavy industries

Heavy Industries can be described as those industries that produce basic materials, such as steel

Medium industries

Medium industries produce items such as cars.

Light industries

Light industries produce goods such as computer parts.

Let us now look at some differences between large organisations and small businesses. Some examples of large organisations are Old Mutual, all the major banks, Anglo American, De Beers Mining and so on. Large organisations are often a mix of bureaucratic rules and fairly progressive thinking. There are many advantages to working for a big organisation. The benefits are usually very good and there is a sense of stability.

Small businesses on the other hand are enterprises which are started by one or two people who usually put up their own capital. An example of a small business could be a business which makes ornaments out of the bark of a certain

tree and employs four people. The rewards for working in a small business are that one could experience a greater challenge and feel more directly involved in the process. Some of the disadvantages are that one could be insecure, have an irregular income and not be assured of benefits.