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3.3 Technical language/ terminology is engaged with and clarification sought if needed.

ryanrori December 29, 2020

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In any field of study, there is a vocabulary of terminology that is specific to that field. (Remember the section on Jargon?) Part of learning about the subject is learning this new language. It is important to understand the meaning of these new words because you are then learning the concepts or ideas that they are referring to. This understanding develops as we use the terms in their context, and successful learning of a subject is linked to learning the language of that subject in a meaningful way.

In our studies we will therefore come across many new words. How do we help ourselves to make the best use of this?

Firstly, we need to recognise that it is a new word, so if we hear a term being used, or if we have read a word we do not understand, we need to make a note of that word. It is likely that we will have an idea of its meaning from the context, but how do we make sure that we have the right idea? If possible, we can ask on the spot. Otherwise we go to a resource (print or electronic dictionary) and look it up. Many technical terms are not found in an ordinary dictionary, but there are dictionaries or glossaries of terms that are specialised for a particular field of study. Finally, we should keep our own glossary of terms, and add to it as we acquire new terms. This is especially helpful if we are learning in a language that is not our mother tongue