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2.3 Promotion of, or support for, a particular line of thought/cause is identified and explained with reference to selection or omission of materials.

ryanrori December 29, 2020

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Satire ridicules and mocks humanity’s vices, follies, stupidities and abuses. To ridicule, is to make fun of, or to deride. By doing this, satirists hope to change people’s actions, attitudes or beliefs. The satirist wants to make the reader laugh or feel scornful, admit the accuracy of the accusation and then bring about change. The satirist makes use of irony. They confront the reader with the discrepancy between what characters say and do, and what we understand by their actions. The follies of modern society are the targets of satire: war, racism, pollution, politics, the family, greed and selfishness. Mostly, cartoon and comics are the vehicles used in satire, today. Read through the following section and answer the questions below, based on it.

  The Garbage Makers New York – A mother whale and father whale were swimming along the coast with their adolescent son whale when the mother sighted a school of people on the beach. “What’s that?” asked the son whale, who had never seen a school of people before, or even a stray person. “That’s people, son,” said the father whale. “You see them all up and down the coast at this time of the year. They cover themselves with oil, and lie up there on the sand and boil themselves until they sizzle.” “Why did the Great Whale make people anyhow?” asked the son whale. “There are some things” said the mother whale “that even whales can’t understand. We must accept the world as it is, and live in harmony with it.” The father whale called their attention to a small group of people who had detached themselves from the school and who were getting into a metal box mounted on wheels. When they were all inside, the metal box moved along the beach throwing up a great cloud of sand and destroying vegetation and birds’ nests. At that moment six beer cans came flying out the box, followed by a bag containing half a hot dog, a mustard jar, some banana peels and an empty plastic body-oil container. “Maybe that’s the reason the Great Whale made people,” said the young whale “to make garbage.” “The world doesn’t need garbage,” growled the father whale. “Your father has been very sensitive about garbage,” the mother whale explained, “ever since he dived into 800 tons of fresh sludge that had just been dumped off the New Jersey coast. Your father and I were not happy. He smelled like a sewer for weeks.” The whales made for deep, distant water and later that night, as they drifted off the Gulf Stream, admiring the stars, a large ship passed by and spilled oil over them, but they remained in harmony with the world as it was, and afterwards dreamed of those unfortunate people far behind them making garbage through the sweet summer night.