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3.3 The implications of how the choice of language structures and features, specifically tone, register, style and point of view affect audience interpretations of spoken/signed texts are explained.

ryanrori December 29, 2020

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The speakers tone conveys a specific attitude to the subject, listeners or situation. Control your tone of voice at all times and make sure that it is appropriate. Your tone can be friendly, helpful, sympathetic, informal stern or stiff.

Style may be defined as proper words in proper places”

                                                                                      Jonathan Swift

Saying the right thing, in the right way, at the right occasion is not a simple task. Clarity is perhaps the most indispensable of all the qualities of good style. It is especially important for a speaker’s words to be understood by the listeners at the moment of encounter, because listeners, unlike readers, cannot stop to consult a dictionary and, in may instances, cannot even ask the speaker for clarification.

Choice of language structures is important . You run the risk of not accomplishing your purpose when you use language that is not suited for your audience.

Example: Using botanical names when addressing a group of primary school learners on “How to start a garden.”