Lesson 1, Topic 1
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1.8 Critically interrogate and use probability and statistical models.

ryanrori December 23, 2020

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3.1            Statistics generated from the data are interpreted meaningfully and interpretations are justified or critiqued.

SMME’s play an increasingly important role both in terms of job creation and economic activity, especially in manufacturing, construction, and trade. In the national economy SMME’s have become important job creators during the last three decades, while their contribution to the Gross Domestic Product has also increased, but not to the same extent as in the case of employment.

A few studies have been done on the contribution to the economic activity and the job creation function of SMME’s. The problem with many of these studies is that they base their findings on official and government data, as supplied by Statistics South Africa. Some data is available on the main sectors, and on the macro economy at large, but very little is known about the composition of SMME’s in villages, and townships of cities. It is easy to use data from books and draw a few conclusions. However, it is much more complicated to conduct surveys to gather raw data on SMME’s, which could broaden perspectives on the realities with regard to the contribution of SMME’s.

The following statistics are the result of 820 people that were interviewed in 6 areas in Soweto.

Molofo N       165

Molofo S        145

MolofoC        145

Jabavu          165

Jabavu Ext     85

Moroka NW    115

3.4 Predictions, conclusions and judgements are made on the basis of valid arguments and supporting data, statistics and probability models. 

Number of customers per day

Most of the vendors only have a limited number of customers per day.

    58,4%                Fewer than 25 per day

    38,2%                Between 25 and 100 customers

    3.5%                  More than 100 customers per day It can be assumed that more formal shops at permanent premises have a larger number of customers per day. Street vendors, with their low returns, are those with a small number of customers.

3.5 Evaluations of the statistics identify potential sources of bias, errors in measurement, potential uses and misuses and their effects. 

Gender of  entrepreneurs

Male                      32,1%

Female                   47,4%

Unspecified             20,5%