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1.7. Emergency Procedures

ryanrori July 16, 2020

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The Building Warden 

  • On hearing or being notified that the fire alarm has operated, proceed to the Main Emergency
  • Control Point (MECP) or the Fire Board and operate the alert signal.
  • Ascertain the source of the alarm.
  • Liaise with Floor Wardens.
  • In the event that evacuation is decided on, operate the evacuation signal.
  • Decide which assembly point to use, and instruct Floor Wardens to inform occupants as they evacuate their areas.
  • Instruct switchboard operator to notify the Fire Brigade by telephone of location, size and    type of fire.

The Floor Wardens

On hearing or being notified that the fire alarm has operated:

  • Proceed to their designated emergency control point.
  • Contact or report to the Building Warden at the MECP.
  • If evacuation is carried out, sound the “alert” alarm, and enter each accessible room and advise occupants to evacuate the building. Close all doors whilst progressing through the floor or area.
  • Report to the Building Warden at the MECP or Fire Board when the floor has been evacuated.
  • Following self evacuation assist other Wardens at stairway exits and/or assembly points.

The Maintenance Superintendent

  • Report to the fire board on being advised of the emergency situation.
  • Adjust building ventilation where obviously necessary or instructed by the Fire Brigade.
  • Be prepared to isolate services.
  • Reset the ventilation after automatic cut-out resulting from activation of the alarm system.

The Security Staff, on activation of the fire alarm

  • Inform the Switchboard Operator of the building affected.
  • Direct the Fire Brigade or other emergency services at Central Control to the fire or emergency location.
  • Seek out the Building Warden at the MECP or fire board and be available as a communication channel.

The Telephone Switchboard Operator shall:

  1. On notification of activated fire alarm: Notify the Maintenance Superintendent.
  2. On notification of an actual emergency: Notify the following personnel, giving location and extent of fire if known:
  • Central Control
  • Building Warden of the threatened building, or Deputy Building Warden.
  1. If the emergency involves fire, ring the Fire Brigade on 10111 giving location and details of fire if known.
  • Maintenance Superintendent.
  • Safety Officer
  1. Be prepared to pass messages from the emergency area to the Fire Brigade or other emergency service while they are on their way.
  2. In an Emergency Evacuation Drill, take no action other than responding to telephone enquiries.